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Ringwood, Melbourne
2-4 Railway Ave Ringwood East, VIC, 3135
Phone: (03) 9870 2777

Opening Hours

Mon – Thurs:  6am – 8pm
Fridays: 6am – 7pm
Saturdays: 8am – 1pm
Closed:  Sundays and Public Holidays


Fit in 56 Days

STARTING Saturday 26th August 2017

Challenge your own personal fitness level starting with a fitness test on day 1.

 Weekly themed group training sessions

Weekly Tabata/Boot camp Facebook support group with DIY workouts, healthy recipes & meal planning ideas

Challenge Singlet 3 weigh & measures

Finishing with a fitness test and celebration lunch at the Studio on the final day.



Why join Tone & Trim Zone?

See what our members have to say.

“I love the diversity of the circuit workout. This combined with the awesome trainers keeps me motivated and I am seeing great results.” Sue


“I really like that everyone is friendly – staff and members. I like the regular weight and measures as well as review of my individual program. It’s so nice to feel stronger and fitter…” Chell


“The staff are friendly and involved. It’s a relaxed environment (even though we’re working hard)! I hate exercise, but I love it here!”  Emma


“Tone & Trim Zone has been great for me in being able to achieve my goals. The staff are friendly and help motivate me. When I’m there it’s a great release from the day to day routine of work/life balance. I feel better and have more energy since I started here, thankyou girls.” Cathryn


 “Tone & Trim Zone is a very comfortable place to workout in. The staff are always friendly and encouraging.  I really enjoy the variety of floor/cardio exercises with the different staff.” Leanne

We take the time to

Know our Members by name
Listen to what areas you would like to work on.
Recognise every 100 Workouts you complete
Focus on YOU!!

Our Services include

Accountability & Goal sessions
Regular Weigh & Measures
Life Coaching, and
Fitness Challenges
Don’t stop at the physical challenge-
We partner with Dietician & Nutritionist – Matt O’Neill in Metabolic Jumpstart

And if you want more

Pilates (Tuesdays)

Metafit (Tuesdays)
Zumba (Wednesdays)

Boot Camps, and Bushwalks are
available after hours

Our Membership Packages are flexible
Suitable for long or short term stays.